Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling and BIM


AAM is an early adopter and investor in laser scanning, 3D modelling and BIM. We employ these technologies to survey the current status of the built environment and to enhance future design, construction and ongoing management. Recent projects include:

  • Flinders Street Station—laser scanning and dilapidation survey, Melbourne
  • Lane Cove Tunnel—3D modelling and movement monitoring, Sydney
  • ANZAC Memorial—heritage survey, Sydney
  • Tullamarine and Monash Freeways – mobile laser scanning, Melbourne
  • Sunshine Plaza—scanning and modelling, Maroochydore
  • Singapore Smart Nation—laser scanning and 3D city modelling, Singapore
  • Roe and Tonkin Highways Upgrade—mobile laser scanning with spherical imagery, Perth
  • Brookfield Rail, Tilley-Mullewa-Narngulu lines—Hi-Rail MLS, as-built and condition survey of 220km of rail (incorporating 32 turnouts), Geraldton
  • OneSteel—Whyalla Steel Power Station #2 blower upgrade, Whyalla
  • Caltex Lytton Refinery—fractionator as-built survey, Brisbane
CityGML 3D model high resolution survey Singapore

High resolution aerial, mobile and terrestrial laser scanning produced complex 3D city models of St. Kilda, VIC (Australia).

Cloud delivery model

AAM’s GEOCIRRUS cloud platform allows you to stream captured data, such as LiDAR point clouds and imagery, and processed products, such as terrain models, base maps, site-specific information and 3D models—from any web browser or mobile.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning collects data of a target area by recording millions of distance measurements that result in a three-dimensional (3D) photo-like image. This spatially accurate point cloud data can be collected by terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), mobile laser scanning (MLS), a hand-held laser scanner, or as discrete points via a laser tracker.

Laser scanning can reduce construction costs and risk and improve site safety by:

  • Facilitating discrete and rapid field acquisition
  • Creating an accurate foundation BIM for reliable site and design dimensioning
  • Enabling spatially accurate clearance measurements and clash detection to be deduced
  • Recording building positioning or as-built
  • Capturing difficult or dangerous structures

AAM has developed specific expertise in scanning and 3D modelling of industrial process plants and heritage buildings, but also serves the broader construction industry with leading-edge survey services. This includes work for:

  • Civil and structural engineers—Work-as-executed, structural modelling, dimensional control
  • Architects and designers—Foundation modelling for BIM, site modelling, heritage surveys
  • Project managers and builders—BIM extraction for construction surveying, as-built surveys
  • Developers and property owners—Whole-of-life build management, whole-of-life facilities management, whole-of-life 3D lease management
high resolution mobile laser scan MLS Sydney

Mobile laser scanning, Sydney.

3D Modelling and BIM

AAM is an industry leader in 3D modelling and building information modelling (BIM) for heritage, high-rise, brownfields industrial facilities management and infrastructure construction. AAM produces all manner of data formats and a variety of modelling products.

  • Scan-to-BIM delivers an accurate foundation BIM for reliable site and design dimensioning, clearance measurements and clash detection.
  • As-built scanning accurately records the as-built position of structures, which are often too difficult, time consuming or dangerous to capture through conventional survey methods during construction projects, or within an operational industrial facility.
  • Data modelling delivers structural, industrial and architectural models that accurately document existing conditions. This enables architects and engineers to repurpose and upgrade facilities designs.

A BIM delivers benefits across a building’s lifecycle:

  • Building design/optimisation – the foundation is based on accurate and complete spatial information.
  • Construction – accurate spatial input for set out and as-built.
  • Ongoing operation – all that hard work and discipline in creating the BIM are now seen by the building operator. They have a complete, accurate and up-to-date model of their facility.

An accurate, up-to-date BIM enables collaboration between engineers, architects, and project and construction managers—everyone on a construction team. As it visually documents how changes impact the build and surrounding environment, a BIM becomes the centrepiece for well-coordinated construction and satisfied asset owners.

Learn more about the different BIM types, level of detail (LOD) 1 – 4.

laser scanning LOD3 BIM creation Melbourne

Melbourne Exhibition Building LOD3 textured building model developed by AAM from high-resolution laser scan.

A 3D Reality Mesh Model of Sydney's ANZAC Memorial Statue - generated from images captured by camera.