Geosolutions Services


AAM Geospatial Professional Services

For over 60 years AAM has been collaborating with organisations across all industries, helping them implement best practices to integrate geospatial information into their business processes. The tools and infrastructure we supply are the same ones we rely on to deliver our award-winning services. Our wide experience, across so many industries and use cases, means we can make those tools deliver the insights that your business needs.

Spatial Strategy Guidance and Development

Whether you are moving into geospatial information technologies or want to expand your usage, AAM can identify ways in which geospatial data, tools and services can help your organisation achieve its business goals. Through provision of expert knowledge and understanding of geospatial technology plans and directions, our team can assist in the development of your geospatial strategy, GIS technology roadmap and accompanying work plan. We ensure that you get the tools and services that match your needs.

Solution Architecture

AAM is ready to work with you to solve the geospatial problems facing your business. Our solution design process involves spending time to fully model your business applications and the business units that they involve. Our team will provide guidance to ensure you have the most optimum GIS environment to support the geospatial strategy and its objectives as well as the current business needs of geospatial data users across the company. Our goal is to find the most efficient and flexible structure into which they can all be integrated.

As part of our solution architecture delivery our experts are able to supply the necessary legacy integration, application development, and GIS customisation. This includes the development of desktop and web applications, workflows, reports, scripts and web services infrastructure.

Our familiarity with enterprise solutions mean we can handle the integration of your server or web mapping system with a range of applications, data vendors and tracking devices including business systems such as Document, Asset, HSE, Property and Financial Management Systems; and dynamic feeds such as vessels, vehicles, assets and weather.

Data Accessibility and Management

AAM provide and advise on spatial infrastructure for effective enterprise access to spatial information. This includes improving data management to ensure currency and integrity. Our team has expertise to assist in data management, as well as optimum delivery and accessibility of this information to the enterprise.

Performance Management and Optimisation

AAM have the tools, knowledge and experience to optimise your geospatial enterprise system, including enhancing your ArcGIS for Server, analysing and removing bottlenecks and tuning your services for best performance. Our team can also assist with Hardware and Network Capacity Modelling and Planning. The Geocortex Analytics product available is an important tool used for this service. AAM use Geocortex Analytics and other tools to undertake a “Healthcheck” of the WebGIS application infrastructure, configuration and environment.


Our team comprises high-quality GIS, mobile and web map developers who develop and maintain tools, scripts, models, workflows, collectors, activities and modules to meet geospatial solution needs. Our team is at home in the Geocortex and ESRI platform tools and can develop solutions using Visual Studio, C#, VB.NET, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Arcade, C/C++, OSG, OpenGL and WebGL.


AAM provides guidance on Geocortex and ESRI ArcGIS roadmaps, potential advantages of new features for your business and assist in plans for the upgrade of software. Depending on the support level these services may include:

  • Technical support for authorised users
  • System customisation
  • Enabling software release management, patches and updates
  • Custom development and/or programming services
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Softwaresupport
  • Diagnosis of reported problems and resolution
  • Health checks
  • Support portal access
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Help documentation, videos and webinars
  • Other value-added consulting such as application integration support, integration of third party applications, general consulting and support and any other agreed activities
  • Ongoing system administration, monitoring, reconfiguration and tuning
  • User and administrator level training

In order to deliver these Professional Services, AAM can provide personnel remotely and/or onsite to you, including Systems Analysts, Application Development/Systems Support Analysts and Systems Architects. Our standard service operates during normal business hours, though extended coverage is also available and different situation severity levels can be managed.

Managed Service

The Managed Service is for client licensed software, applications and data, to be hosted and managed on Cloud infrastructure which is provisioned to support application needs and service levels. For example, the client provides its ArcGIS and Geocortex license keys for installation on AAM GeoCloud servers. AAM provide software release management and maintenance, as well as application and data management as required.

AAM’s Hosted Services currently utilise reliable, high availability Australian-based infrastructure with the following features:

  • Server management, including Operating System updates and service-packs.
  • Server systems management, including monitoring of performance, usage of resources and response times.
  • Backups of Test and Production environments in sequence.
  • Management of data and configuration changes.
  • Server application software monitoring, including ArcGIS Server, IWS and Geocortex.
  • Web Server monitoring and Web application analytics.
  • Web mapping and GIS monitoring and reporting using Geocortex Analytics.
  • Security setup and maintenance.
  • Virus and Malware scanning.
  • Geocortex software release management, enhancements and service packs.
  • Geocortex custom module and workflow recompilation when required.
  • Help Desk for Incident reporting (Geocortex and ArcGIS problem diagnosis and resolution could be separate and part of standard Software Technical Support).
  • Administrator access login to DEV and TEST environments, if required.
Service Levels
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the following and other relevant features of the service support.
  • Target availability agreed – e.g. 99%
  • Logging with monthly usage reports.
  • Incident reporting with monthly reports.
  • Trouble-ticketing according to problem escalation severity levels (refer to SLA).
  • Performance and scalability are tuned for the client based on the anticipated user numbers, and data transfer requirements. Virtual Server Utilisation Units are allocated accordingly.

AAM have considerable experience in Web Mapping solutions. That experience is built upon 20 years of building geospatial information systems. Our tool of choice, the one AAM relies on itself, is the Geocortex Spatial Application. Its power and flexibility never fail to meet our clients’ wide-ranging needs. You can find out more about Geocortex here.

AAM is proud to be VertiGIS exclusive partner for Geocortex Australia.