For over 50 years AAM has been collaborating with clients across all industries, helping them implement best practices as we integrate geospatial information into their business processes.

The tools and infrastructure we supply are the same ones our geospatial analysts rely on to deliver our award winning services.

And our wide experience, across so many industries and use cases, means we can make those tools deliver the data and the insights that your business needs.

Spatial Strategy Advisory and Development

Whether you are moving into geospatial information technologies or want to expand your usage, AAM spatial analysts can identify ways in which geospatial data and tools can help your organisation achieve its business goals. We ensure that you get the tools that match your needs.

Solution Architecture

Our team is ready to work with you to solve the geospatial data problems facing your business. Our solution design process involves spending time to fully model your business applications and the business units that they involve. Our goal is to find the most efficient and flexible structure into which they can all be integrated.

As part of our solution architecture delivery our experts are able to supply the necessary legacy integration, application development, and GIS customisation. This includes the development of desktop and web applications, workflows, reports, scripts and web services infrastructure.

Data Accessibility and Management

AAM provide and advise on spatial infrastructure for effective enterprise access to spatial information. This includes improving data management to ensure currency and integrity. Our tool of choice, the one AAM relies on itself, is the Geocortex Spatial Application. Its power and flexibility never fails to meet our clients' wide ranging needs. You can find out more about Geocortex here.

Optimisation and Integration

AAM have the tools, knowledge and experience to optimise the spatial enterprise system, including optimising your ArcGIS server, analysing and removing bottlenecks and tuning your services for best performance.

Our familiarity with GIS solutions mean we are able to hande the integration of your server with third party providers of feeds such as AIS, Fast Wave, Polestar, Omnistar and JCA.

This means we can help you integrate your fleet tracking of vehicles, vessels, and other mobile resources into your GIS or web mapping system.

Our team is at home in Geocortex Essentials, ArcGIS Server, Insight, Fleet Tracker and can develop solutions using Visual Studio, C#, VB.NET, C/C++, OSG, and OpenGL.

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