Federal Government

Our federal government clients provide us with some of our most challenging jobs. Their national remit results in geospatial information requirements that cover wide expanses of territory.

For example, on behalf of the Australian Federal Government we performed an aerial survey of the Murray Darling Basin, which straddles four states and the ACT. And for the Island Nation of Tonga we surveyed two islands as part of their strategy to respond to the effects of climate change and rising sea levels.

State Government

We assist state governments with the management of their environmental assets, their infrastructure, and their communities.

Our services support floodplain management, resource assessment, and coastline studies. We also have the tools to monitor and assess state infrastructure like water resources, transportation networks, communication and power utility installations, and emergency response resources.

Local and Regional Governments


Solutions from AAM are being used to make important decisions involving millions of dollars by major cities throughout the Pacific and South East Asia. The list includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Parramatta, Geelong and Toowoomba in Australia; Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand; and Hong Kong in South East Asia.

These dynamic urban environments make use of the widest range of AAM's services and derive the most benefit from the variety of geospatial information and tools we can provide.

For our clients this has included aerial photography provided on a regular frequency for urban change assessment and asset mapping, and the creation of high accuracy digital terrain models for flood analysis and development planning.

Our services extend to the mapping of the built environment in 3D with a complete software and data solution for 3D modelling for strategic planning and assessment of proposed new developments, including solar access, view shed, shadows and visibility.

Post Capture


Our geospatial analysts are experts in extracting the most value from geospatial data for our clients. Much of our data provision powers come from careful planning and execution: combining the right imaging technologies, managing data capture for integrity and accuracy, and the selection of post-processing methodologies to give clean data.

At this stage we can supply your data in any number of custom and industry standard formats for your in-house geospatial team. Or our analysts can perform the feature analysis and categorisation your project requires, delivering GIS compliant layer data for use in your GIS system or through one of our hosted services.

Analysis and presentation

For data presentation, or further analysis, AAM offers Geocortex. Geocortex is designed for the rapid creation of web mapping and web GIS applications. The system enables enterprise-wide access to the spatial data we capture for you, in raw and presentation-ready formats. With Geocortex you can integrate the data we supply with your existing corporate data as well as with public datasets available from other services.

Enterprise-wide access to geospatial data improves overall situational awareness and the quality and rapidity of decision making.